Marguerite V. Rodgers

President & Creative Director

Meg Rodgers is a designer, maker, collector, collaborator, and thoughtful listener. Founder of her eponymous interior design firm, Marguerite Rodgers, Meg’s energy and talent has attracted an international following, repeat clientele, and a multi-talented team. Philadelphia-based, the company is housed in a 25,000-square-foot warehouse transformed by Meg to be an environment for creative activity and collaboration, not just for her own studio and business, but for many other artists and craftspeople who contribute to the language of materials, textures, and finishes that are the stamp of a Marguerite Rodgers design.

Meg’s no-nonsense approach and enthusiasm for her clients’ visions across market sectors garner deep respect. Equally adept with homeowners, institutional committees, or commercial stakeholders, Meg is approachable, accessible, and responsive, instilling confidence and trust. A passionate world traveler, Meg is continually inspired by culture, landscape, and antiques. Serene, handsome, indelible commissions across the US and abroad are the result.

Closer to home, Meg shares her firm’s success with many Philadelphia charities, particularly those that support animal welfare, families in need, cultural organizations, and community improvement. Professionally, Meg serves on the Design Advisory Board of Moore College of Art & Design and the Executive Cabinet of the Leaders of Design Council. She is a member of the annual fund-raising committees, including the Barnes Foundation, Pennsylvania SPCA and InLiquid Arts.

Meg is married to the architect James Timberlake, lives with four cats, and has two adult children. She loves spending time with her family in Maine and Italy.

Marco Angelucci

Design Director & Principal

Marco has been with Marguerite Rodgers since 1997. His contribution to the firm’s portfolio spans decades, continents, and a range of residential, commercial, and institutional commissions. Marco’s time and progression at the firm is testimony to his enduring joy working with Meg, the team, and their clients. Marco was named a principal of the firm in 2022.

A native of Philadelphia, Marco is a first-generation American who comes from a family of Italian woodworkers. From an early age, he was fascinated with creating environments from Lego blocks and other toys, which led to his interest in interior design. He is a graduate of Spring Garden College and began his career at Strawbridge and Clothier as a store planner, designing visual merchandising and displays. Later, Marco worked with design firms to focus on residential interiors and began to take on his own commissions. By chance, one of his sketches left with a vendor caught Meg Rodgers’ eye.  She was looking for a new employee and invited Marco to meet with her in the warehouse on North American Street.  The familiar whine of a saw and the scent of freshly cut wood was practically a sign that he belonged there.

Marco and Meg have developed a working relationship and a bond that has strengthened over the years.  Gregarious and warm, Marco has a gift for fostering connections with the firm’s clientele, builders, architects, vendors, and the artists and craftspeople who regularly collaborate on projects. Very much aligned with Meg’s approach, Marco notes that everything they do is guided by “The Four Cs:” Craft, Customization, Collaboration, and Communication.

Marco relishes opportunities to serve as a guest juror and lecturer at local universities and high schools and is active with several neighborhood community groups as well as horticultural and preservation organizations in Philadelphia. 

Katie Guzinski

Executive Director & Principal

Since 2001, Katie’s presence, work ethic, and expertise have been integral to the growth of Marguerite Rodgers. Today, Katie oversees all the operational aspects of the organization, including finances, human resources, facility management, marketing, and technology. In acknowledgment of her commitment to and passion for the myriad details and relationships necessary for the business to succeed, Katie was named a firm principal in 2022.

Originally from upstate New York, Katie attended the University of South Florida and holds a degree in Mass Communications and Public Relations. Prior to joining Marguerite Rodgers, she gained corporate experience in New York City, working for large-name brands like General Motors. Katie later refined her skillset to be uniquely suited for the business side of design. She says, “It is extremely rewarding to work in tandem with Meg, Marco, our clients, and the rest of the team — including the numerous collaborative artists and craftspeople. I’m proud of what we all contribute to make every Marguerite Rodgers commission personal and beautiful.”

Katie, her husband Gerald, and their young daughter live in Philadelphia. When not working, Katie enjoys volunteering at their daughter’s school and is involved in many interests and activities, including traveling with friends and family.

Brian Bendel

Senior Designer

Kaitlyn Murphy

Senior Designer

Lauren Sillies

Senior Designer / Production Manager

Carmeen Hutchinson


Leigh Anne Schurr

Special Projects Manager

Missy Wicker


“Meg Rodgers brought to my project a remarkable breadth and depth of experience.  Even more importantly, she listened carefully.  Her superb, responsive staff handled countless details with aplomb over many months.  The happy end result:  a much-enjoyed, often-admired living space and a longterm relationship with Marguerite Rodgers Interior Design.”

Private Client