Iron Chef Jose Garces of the Garces Group conceived of this restaurant with Kieran Timberlake and Marguerite Rodgers. Meaning “to return,” Volvér returns the chef to the food he loves, inspired by his many travels.  For Meg it offered the opportunity to return to her crafts roots to showcase the wood, metal, glass, stone, fibers, and leather elements that are integral to Volvér’s sophisticated environment. The spaces—a large lounge separated from the more intimate, open kitchen/dining room—are enriched with commissioned works by noted artists and craftspeople. The monumental bronze screens are by Jean Royère. The oval bar, centered in the lounge, is made of stone and stitched leather and is illuminated by a corresponding oval multi-layered light pendant, a collaboration with Sean O’Connor Lighting. Also in the lounge is a magnificent, acoustic wall tapestry made in collaboration with Conrad Booker. Illuminated wine cabinets line the translucent glass walls that separate the restaurant from the plaza of The Kimmel Performing Arts Center. A curated collection of art hangs in the dining room, where patrons have a clear view of their meals being prepared. Custom furnishings include seating and tables by Marguerite Rodgers Editions. A rotation of original travel photography completes the décor. 

  • Architecture: KieranTimberlake
  • Lighting Design: Sean O’Connor Lighting
  • Contractor: CVM
  • Photography: Halkin | Mason Photography LLC