Berkeley College

Marguerite Rodgers collaborated with Kieran Timberlake on an ambitious alteration / renovation of Berkeley College, one of Yale’s fourteen residential colleges. Completed in 1934, the Gothic structure was designed for life following the social norms of the time. The formality of those years was quickly outdated, revealing inadequacies. Over the decades, students found unused basement spaces and turned them into ad hoc rooms for various activities: woodworking, preparing meals, doing laundry, or exercising, among others. The intention of the recent interventions is meant to merge the historic architecture with twenty-first-century student life, taking cues from the underground world created by Berkeley’s former residents. Today, two student activity centers, with a multipurpose room for theatre, music, lectures, dance and basketball, and a café, are lively spaces inserted into the existing envelope. The ornate Dining Room and Common Rooms are also reimagined and expanded. Student suites are reconfigured to accommodate current expectations for privacy, density, and flexibility in group living. The massive undertaking is also significant for the replacement of 1600 original, mass-produced steel windows with custom-engineered windows that integrate the historic leaded art glass and an interior protective storm panel. The interiors reflect and celebrate new purpose while acknowledging the intergenerational traditions and legacy of Berkeley College.

  • Architecture: KieranTimberlake
  • Photography: Halkin | Mason Photography LLC