Davenport College

Designed by James Gamble Rogers and built in the 1930s, Pierson and Davenport Colleges at Yale are two of Yale University’s fourteen residential colleges. The pair of buildings share common walls at their entry lobbies, but when Kieran Timberlake and Marguerite Rodgers joined forces to reimagine and upgrade the structures, each was considered separately. Equal parts renovation and restoration, the building systems and roofs were surgically removed and replaced while preserving the Georgian sensibility. Likewise, while the renewed interiors reflect the historic character — especially in the traditional elements of the paneled library and the rich wood carvings and vaulted plaster ceiling of the dining hall — the new spaces at the renovated basement levels accommodate programming shared by both Pierson and Davenport Colleges. Access from both buildings to a performance space/auditorium, rehearsal rooms, craft shops, snack bar/lounge, and exercise rooms is sleek and modern yet reveals excavated stone walls in an inspired juxtaposition between historic and present form and utility.

  • Architecture: KieranTimberlake
  • Photography: Halkin | Mason Photography