Lowell House

Marguerite Rodgers worked with Kieran Timberlake on a renewal program for Lowell House, one of Harvard University’s seven original residential Houses. Built in the 1920s and ‘30s along the Charles River to incorporate dorm living as a key component to the college experience, the oldest Houses, including Lowell, essentially remained as built, minor modern upgrades notwithstanding. Guided by Kieran Timberlake, Lowell House is now transformed to meet twenty-first-century standards and expectations, yet retains its historic identity. The interiors of the reconfigured common spaces and residential areas — home to 400 undergraduates — are enlivened by Marguerite Rodgers with striking, durable, comfortable, and welcoming designs. For the refurbished library, the original wood paneling was restored. The antique scenic wallpaper of the first-floor Junior Common Room was damaged beyond repair, so it was recreated using traditional woodblock printing techniques. The art studio and game rooms offer respite from studies and new lighting, mechanical, and technology systems throughout serve the current generation of students and beyond.

  • Architecture: KieranTimberlake
  • Photography: Michael Moran / OTTO