“What makes us special at Marguerite Rodgers, is that we are disciplined and nimble. The process of working on residential design — which is so personal — is very different from how we design for commercial or institutional projects. We have the skillset and passion for the variety. It is the heart and soul of our office culture.” 

— Meg Rodgers

Marguerite Rodgers is a celebrated high-end interior design firm based in Philadelphia. Founded by Meg Rodgers in 1980, the firm is acknowledged for its prolific and masterful commissions in the US and abroad. From Maine to Florida to the Caribbean, from London to Hong Kong, a roster of distinguished and frequently repeat clients has made possible a portfolio of luxurious and collected homes; renowned and atmospheric restaurants; and reimagined, updated institutions such as The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and the residential colleges at Yale and Harvard Universities.

While legendary for iconic contributions to the burgeoning hospitality scene and igniting a neighborhood renaissance in Philadelphia’s Center City, the team at Marguerite Rodgers continues to excel and innovate. Meg and her talented staff are devoted listeners and passionate creatives committed to their clients and artisanal collaborators. Together, they carefully tend to the process that redefines original dimensions and purpose with flair, originality, color, and craft. At Marguerite Rodgers, they are transformers of the ordinary into the extraordinary.